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Ever wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into? Don’t feel like you’re the “so called expert” everyone expects you to be? Can’t seem to advance your career fast enough with all the skills you need to master? Wondering if you’re in the right place, if anything you do makes a difference or does it really matter? Want to be viewed as a resource not an intrusion?

Overwhelmed auditors often feel they have no direction on where they’re going or what to prioritize first. There is no cohesive plan for growth, no mentorship or best practices. They often allow doubts or fears to stop them from initiating change due to second-guessing themselves, self-sabotage, not believing they deserve it or can do it, rather than boldly playing a bigger game.

Many auditors feel that they have no one to turn to with questions and support. Even in the highly regulated environment, they feel there’s a lack of structure and accountability. It’s lonely being an auditor who wants to play big and challenge the status quo.

It’s not your fault. I have been through these challenges myself, as have many auditors. That is why we are here to help! We believe it does not need to be this hard. As I was going through these challenges, I was searching for a program that would help me with all these issues and give me the training I needed to do a great job and continue to develop my career. And when I started my own business in 2001, I needed even more resources but could not find the right ones to help me.

So, after reflecting on this challenge for many years, I created the INTERNAL AUDIT CAREER ACADEMY to solve these problems.

We believe that auditors can be strong partners to the organizations they serve. At the Internal Audit Career Academy, internal auditors will learn the competencies that will allow you to be clear about where you are going: 

  • You will receive growth strategies and best practices you didn’t even know existed
  • You will be mentored by already successful auditors
  • You will have the opportunity to model examples that will show you exactly how to do something
  • You will learn from other people’s best practices and experiences
  • You will work from proven templates and processes

In addition, you will have the opportunity to set goals and gain clarity with other auditors twice a year at a live event filled with meetings and networking opportunities.

You’ll also receive the perspective to see your life and career in a different way so you use processes for thinking bigger and stretching the vision of what’s possible, increase the belief in yourselves, integrate tools to get past fear and into action, overcome internal blocks to success, apply strategies to eliminate distractions, discover hacks to be more intentional and become more disciplined in your day-to-day actions to get more done.

One thing you may never have thought you needed is the community, so that you can grow and learn in an environment of positivity and encouragement, surrounded with other auditors who you’ll talk to every day and keep everyone accountable, helping you to set goals in a structured way to help stay on track.

Learn More – Faster, Gain Confidence, Advance Quicker and start enjoying what you do while making more money.


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