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How Internal Auditors Help Strengthen Company Culture

A company’s culture is its lifeblood. It’s what takes a loosely connected group of individuals and motivates them to work towards achieving common goals, living and breathing the organization’s mission and values. It’s easy enough to develop a mission statement; it’s much harder to articulate the mission well enough to bring it to life for [...]

5 Ways to Put Your Heart into an Audit

Internal auditing is a challenging but exciting profession. It requires sharp analytical thinking, operational knowledge, and full awareness of up-to-date compliance regulations. However, these skills alone will not result in a constructive partnership between you and an organization. How can you address the unnerving realities of an internal audit from a more empathetic perspective? These [...]

Internal Audits Are a Continuous Improvement Tool

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of all businesses that enjoy long-term success. Regardless of industry, businesses that do not explore ways to improve their operations risk facing noncompliance and financial loss, hindering future growth. The core key to continuous improvement involves a willingness to examine policies, practices, and procedures on a regular, real-time basis and [...]

How an Internal Audit Promotes Better Business

How well do your employees handle the news of an impending internal audit? Too often, there are exasperated groans whenever the word “audit” is mentioned. Rather than viewed as a punishment, however, an internal audit should be considered an opportunity to improve operations. An internal audit is a valuable tool, with the potential to increase [...]

Communication and Internal Audit Reports

Excellent internal audit reports are far more than just a listing of findings or a description of practices and procedures. They go beyond mere performance comparisons and expectations – beyond descriptions of what companies do and what they are supposed to do. Fundamentally, exceptional internal audit reports are clear communications to company leaders, that include [...]

Auditor, M.D.

The best health care includes preventative solutions – services that are intended to keep people from needing care for conditions that can largely be avoided with proper attention and healthful practices. The healthiest people take basic, simple steps to become and remain healthy. They are aware of their health and regularly do things to monitor [...]

Discovering the Heart of the Auditor

Do you ever feel that the internal auditor gets a bad rap? It sometimes seems as if organizations think of them as CSI investigators looking for clues to a crime, going out of the way to find something wrong and someone to blame. Nothing could be further from the truth! A Good Auditor Is a [...]